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Mothers' Union Publications

Mothers' Union produces several magazines and leaflets with information about the work of Mothers' Union. Some of these are available to download. (Just click on the pictures for either links or to download).
              Families First       

Families First magazine is a faith and  family publication encompassing Mothers’ Union’s aims and objectives  within the stories of families and communities in everyday life, making  it completely accessible to those of a Christian faith or none.

Articles on Mothers’ Union projects, appeals and campaigns sit  alongside articles on faith and society, education, entertainment reviews and family activities. Click on picture to download the subscription form.

Families Worldwide

Families Worldwide comes as part of your subscription. There are two editions annually and they feature articles on Mothers' Union in different countries around the world, a daily prayer diary, the wave of prayer and other Mothers' Union news. The June 2020 to December 2020 edition may be downloaded. Just click on the image below.


Focus is an All-Ireland publication and there are usually two editions annually ~ The spring edition and autumn edition. Focus features Mothers' Union news from all the Dioceses and articles of interest pertaining to Mothers' Union in Ireland.
The latest edition of Focus may be downloaded by clicking on the image below.

October 2020 Spin
Click on the image below to download a copy of the edition for October 2020.

November 2020 Spin
Click on the image below to download.

Clergy Newsletter

This leaflet is produced to keep clergy informed of what is happening in Mothers' Union. The latest newsletter from Beth is available to download by clicking on the image below.

Passionate about Parenting

This Leaflet is available to download by clicking on the image below.

Mums Zone

Mums Zone is another leaflet produced by Mothers' Union in Ireland.

The leaflet is available to download clicking on the image below.

MUe Shop

Click on the image above to bring you to the MUe Shop
You will find a selection of books, cards and gift ideas etc.
Some of the items may also be available from your Diocesan MUe Representative
Curry in a Hurry

"Curry in a Hurry" is a cookbook produced by Mothers' Union and distributed to students. It is a cookbook designed especially for young people living away from home for the first time and is packed with simple, nutritious recipes. Copies are available from your MUe Representative.

"Dear Lord..."

The "Dear Lord.." Prayer Book is a brand new Mothers’ Union prayer book!
A collection of 100+ prayers and reflections contributed by our members across the world.
It includes many contributions from members across Ireland.
"Dear Lord.." is available from your MUe Representative

The Pocket Prayer Book Collection

Mothers’ Union "United In Fellowship Pocket Prayer Booklet" is a joyful collection of Mothers’ Union Prayers.
Mothers’ Union across the world united together in prayer. The place of prayer is central, not separate, to our work.
Available from your MUe Representative

In over 80 countries of the world, more than 4 million Mothers’ Union members do all they can – through volunteering, giving and prayer – to support families, to promote marriage and family life, and to reach out within their communities to people who are isolated, in trouble or in need of help. We are a grassroots focused charity with a global impact, with a desire to eradicate the inequalities brought about by poverty, ignorance of rights and lack of opportunities.
Shopping with the Mothers’ Union online shop can change lives. 100% of profit goes towards the charity’s work with families across the world. Every penny raised can help make a difference and bring lasting change.
We also have a range of Ethical gifts. Each gift has the power to make a difference. Furthermore, all proceeds go towards the valuable work of Mothers’ Union. Click on the heading to bring you to the web page.
Many of the items are also available from your MUe Representative.

Hand in Hand: Enjoying faith as a family
This resource is intended both for those parents who already have a strong faith and desire to nurture this in their children, and for those who feel less certain.
The Booklet comprises a number of section which:
    • Connect us with a God who is love and who loves us daily.
    • Offers practical ways in which t share family spirituality.
    • Help us enjoy finding faith in our families.
    • Celebrate the wonder of life in good times and bad.
    • Help us to find out more about the Bible together.
    • Enable us to develop our personal and family faith.

As well as being a stand alone resource (it could be a good Baptismal  present) it would also work well with a parents’ group who want to explore how they experience faith in their family. The booklet, which costs just £2, is available from:

Central Services,
The Mothers’ Union
24 Tufton Street
T: 0207 222 5533
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