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Marriage and Family Life
Marriage and Family Life Promote Christian marriage, marriage preparation ...
Practical care in tough times
Practical care in tough times Caring for families in need Working in partnership ...
Activities Worldwide
Activities Worldwide Training Mothers' union Workers in their local ...
Campaigning For A Just Society
Campaigning For A Just Society Drawing attention to social concern issues ...
Prayer Prayer is at the heart of everything ...

Marriage and Family Life

Marriage and Family Life
Promote Christian marriage; Marriage preparation: Encourage parents and carers through Mothers' Union Parenting Groups: Running Parent and Toddler Groups; Volunteering in Child Contact Centres: Helping children and families feel welcome in Church.


Practical care in tough times

Caring for families in need; Working in partnership to support victims of domestic abuse, refugees, asylum, seekers and the homeless, etc; Offering holidays to needy families; Befriending families of those in Prison.
Practical care in tough times


Activities Worldwide

Activities Worldwide
Training Mothers' Union Workers in their local communities; Promoting Parenting and Literacy and Development; Initiating Family Life Programmes; Supporting Mothers’ Union Overseas and Relief Funds.


Campaigning For A Just Society

Drawing attention to social concern issues; Supporting gender equality; Lobbying Governments; Contributing to programmes at the United Nations; Promoting Fair Trade.
Campaigning For A Just Society


Prayer is at the heart of everything we do in the Mothers' Union. Members in Ireland are linked with members around the world through the Wave of Prayer and from time to time visits are exchanged. Within Ireland members enjoy fellowship through the development of North/South links between Dioceses and individual Branches.

Bring Back Our Girls

Mothers’ Union responds to the call from Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby to join him in praying for the safe release of the school girls abducted in Nigeria. Three weeks ago, over 200 girls were kidnapped from their school in the northern Nigerian city of Borno. Mothers’ Union is communicating with members in the surrounding areas for news and to identify any specific prayer needs. Please join us, and our fellow members in Nigeria, to pray for the kidnapped girls, their families and their communities.

“O God, we cry out to you for the lives and the freedom of the 276 kidnapped girls in Nigeria. In their time of danger and fear, pour out your strong Spirit for them. Make a way home for them in safety. Make a way back for them to the education that will lift them up. Hold them in the knowledge that they are not captive slaves, they are not purchased brides, but they are your beloved daughters, and precious in your sight. Change the hearts and minds of their kidnappers and of all who choose violence against women and girls. Cast down the mighty from their seat, and lift up the humble and meek, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen”

(Elizabeth Smith, Perth Australia)


Exploiting children for profit is wrong
Mothers' Union in Ireland launched their Bye Buy Childhood Postcard campaign at their All Ireland Leadership Conference on 5th March 2011.

The Mothers' Union Bye Buy Campaign was initiated by the concern expressed by parents' of their experience of the pressures of commercialisation on family life and that marketing with sexualised content is too easily accessible.

Moving Forward with the Campaign
The Marketing Department have prepared 20,000 postcards to lobby OfCom (UK) and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland if they feel a programme is unsuitable for viewing by children and teenagers and that it should not be shown before the 9.00pm watershed.

We would encourage you to look at the programmes and advertisements through the eyes of a child. Then ask yourself the question - Would the content make you behave in the way portrayed? If the answer is yes, send a postcard available from the All- Ireland Office Telephone 00353 1 8735075 or from or follow these links to OfCom and Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

The postcards are available to and can be used by everyone and anyone. The Mothers' Union do not want the flame of this campaign to go out.


Hand in Hand: Enjoying faith as a family

This resource is intended both for those parents who already have a strong faith and desire to nurture this in their children, and for those who feel less certain.

The Booklet comprises a number of section which:

Connect us with a God who is love and who loves us daily. Offers practical ways in which t share family spirituality.

Help us enjoy finding faith in our families.

Celebrate the wonder of life in good times and bad.

Help us to find out more about the Bible together. Enable us to develop our personal and family faith.
As well as being a stand alone resource (it could be a good Baptismal present) it would also work well with a parents’ group who want to explore how they experience faith in their family. The booklet, which costs just £2, is available from:

Central Services,
The Mothers’ Union
24 Tufton Street

T: 0207 222 5533

There are downloadable practical ideas to help families enjoy faith together on the following link:

Mothers’ Union Enterprises

Mothers' Union Enterprises

Greeting cards and gifts, etc are available from Mothers’ Union Enterprise Representatives in each diocese or from MUe board member for All Ireland for further information or e mail


Global Village Fair

Global Village Fair
Our all year-round ethical gift shop


Sewing & Knitting Patterns

Swing and Knitting Patterns
Mothers’ Union sew ‘Snugglies’ for neo-natal units and knit matinee coats, bootees, bonnets and blankets and Ollie the Octopus for use in Neo-Natal Units and Maternity Hospitals, as well as Trauma Teddies which are given to children who find themselves in unexpected, stressful situations. Guidelines for knitters.


Mothers’ Union Annual Review 2015-2016

Annual Review 2015-2016.jpg
The Mothers’ Union Annual Review gives a short overview of the core programmes supported by the charity and a flavour of the grassroots outreach carried out by our inspirational members. More detailed reporting can be found in our Annual Report & Accounts.

In our Annual Review for 2015/2016 read stories of our inspirational members and how they are making a difference in the communities where they live. You can also download copies of our Annual Review for 2014/2015.

2017 Wave of Prayer

Our theme this year is “Faith in Action” and, as we look at the achievements of our organisation in communities throughout the world, we continue to identify opportunities to further support those in need. Faith is, of course, at the centre of all our incredible action - follow the link for Wave of Prayer - Jan - Jun 2017 , Jul - Dec 2017

Prayers for the Refugee Crisis in Europe and the Middle East



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