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In 1939 this Chapel, formerly known as the Chapel of St Lawrence O’Toole, was given to the Mothers’ Union for their use by The Dean, E.H. Lewis-Crosby and Chapter of the Cathedral. In his foreword to a booklet published at that time, the Dean writes: “May the Mothers’ Union find in the Lawrence O’Toole Chapel a spiritual home where many of its members may meet their Risen Lord. May it be their ‘Holy City’ to which Mothers throughout the land may turn their hearts in prayer, and thus find in worship a new unity. May the spiritual atmosphere of the Chapel, and of the Cathedral as a whole, lead many to say ‘Lo! God is here; let us adore’.”

Beautiful furnishings and fabrics were offered by members, branches and dioceses, either individually or in memory of someone dear to them. These have been beautifully catalogued in a Gift Book kept in our archives. It is hoped to produce a comprehensive booklet recording details of the Chapel and gifts lovingly given by members and friends.

When visiting Dublin, do take time to visit our Chapel, a spiritual oasis, in the middle of such a busy city. Pause and reflect on the generosity of past members, whose gifts have made this little chapel particularly beautiful, to the Glory of God and the Mothers’ Union in Ireland. On a branch outing why not take the opportunity to include a tour of Christ Church Cathedral, and by prior arrangement, have some quiet time or a service in the Mothers’ Union Chapel. Members and friends are encouraged to attend a celebration of Holy Communion on the first Thursday of every month at 11:15 (except January/July/August).

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