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Mothers’ Union Annual Review 2016/2017
Annual Review 2015-2016 The Mothers’ Union Annual Review gives a short overview...
2018 Jan-June Wave of Prayer
Our theme this year is “Faith in Action” and, as we look at the...
2018 Theme Resources
We have produced a selection of themed resources to help us...
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Hand in Hand: Enjoying faith as a family
Hand in Hand This resource is intended both for those...
Mothers’ Union Enterprises
Campaigning For A Just Society Greeting cards and gifts, etc are available from Mothers’ ...
Sewing & Knitting Patterns
Prayer Mothers’ Union sew 'Snugglies' ...
A Woman’s Psalm
O God, I am a woman in a violent world let me know your peace.
Let blind rage born of despair not find its target in me.
Let the value of my life not be reduced to the jewellery I wear.
Let my family life not end that life in a gang may begin.
Let rape not violate my body nor anger ravage my soul.
Let fear not enter my heart but caution sharpen my mind.
Let the light of Christ so shine in me that I may reflect your love.
Let the joy that the apostles knew infuse my spirit and alleviate my pain.
Let Love who suffered and died on the cross find resurrection and new life in the world you love.
God, I am a woman in a violent world - let me know your peace.

Elizabeth Kaeton, (from Lifting Women’s Voices: Canterbury Press; 2009)
‘A.F.I.A.’ (Away From It All) HOLIDAYS
from Mothers’ Union All-Ireland
MU in several dioceses across Ireland offer short breaks or holidays to families who just need to get away for a break. The service is confidential and discreet with referrals coming from Clergy or other Professionals. If you know someone who could benefit from this service, please contact to find out if AFIA is offered in your diocese.
(Please note: referrals must come through Clergy or other Professionals)


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