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Mothers’ Union’s campaign, ‘Bye Buy Childhood’ is entering its second phase! Our research into the commercialisation of childhood has been updated and we will be launching our new report and engagement pack on 19th March 2015
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A Woman’s Psalm
O God, I am a woman in a violent world let me know your peace.
Let blind rage born of despair not find its target in me.
Let the value of my life not be reduced to the jewellery I wear.
Let my family life not end that life in a gang may begin.
Let rape not violate my body nor anger ravage my soul.
Let fear not enter my heart but caution sharpen my mind.
Let the light of Christ so shine in me that I may reflect your love.
Let the joy that the apostles knew infuse my spirit and alleviate my pain.
Let Love who suffered and died on the cross find resurrection and new life in the world you love.
God, I am a woman in a violent world - let me know your peace.

Elizabeth Kaeton, (from Lifting Women’s Voices: Canterbury Press; 2009)
‘A.F.I.A.’ (Away From It All) HOLIDAYS
from Mothers’ Union All-Ireland
MU in several dioceses across Ireland offer short breaks or holidays to families who just need to get away for a break. The service is confidential and discreet with referrals coming from Clergy or other Professionals. If you know someone who could benefit from this service, please contact to find out if AFIA is offered in your diocese.
(Please note: referrals must come through Clergy or other Professionals)

Mothers’ Union helping to combat loneliness in a thoroughly modern way!

Easter 2008 saw the start of an exciting initiative for elderly members of Mothers’ Union in Ireland. Community Network–Ireland was launched at the Mansion House, Dublin with the aim of introducing social telephony into the Irish Community and Voluntary Sector. It meant that housebound people could be a part of a telephone group for mutual support, befriending, or both. The scheme was later taken over by the Co-operative Business Telecoms. Three hosts from Mothers’ Union organise teleconferencing sessions for 6 – 7 elderly ladies. These “meetings” take place once a month on Monday mornings and last around 40 minutes. There is no expense for the participants and to date Mothers’ Union has enjoyed sponsorship from various agencies. Teleconferencing has proved to be a very enjoyable experience both for the hosts and the participants. Each month one of the hosts decides on a subject and you would be surprised how one subject can lead to a completely different one just like any friendly conversation! At the participant’s request, the call begins with a reading and prayer and ends with prayer, reflective of a Mothers’ Union branch meeting.

Do you know someone who would enjoy taking part? All that is needed is a quiet area with access to a telephone - it’s up to the person where they sit; one lady stayed comfortably tucked up in bed!! The telephone numbers of the participants are NOT published anywhere.

At present we have 5 members and we would be delighted to have new members join us once a month on a Monday morning for chat, friendship and fellowship. For further details on the scheme or to discuss joining the group, please contact Valerie Stewart at 028 6638 7236 or e-mail Valerie at

Valerie hosts a MU Teleconferencing Meeting

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